Frank the Tank’s Classic Music Video of the Week: Your Mama’s On Crack Rock – The Dogs

Posted: September 28, 2006 in Classic Music Videos, Music

This week’s classic music video is fitting considering that Terrell Owens’ publicist looks like she had an allergic reaction to the crack rock.  In the meantime, to this day, I’m still perplexed as to how The Dogs don’t have the same notoriety with my generation as other flash in the pan rap luminaries such as Vanilla Ice, M.C. Hammer, and Sir-Mix-a-Lot. That needs to change starting today.

(This and a ton of other clips are on the Frank the Tank Channel on YouTube.)

  1. Ronnie Woo and Sox Man… wow.


  2. The number of times I’ve run into Ronnie Woo Woo outside of Cubs games is frightening. I’ve seen him at liquor stores, burrito joints, bars, the El, etc. At the end of the 2005 season, he was even sitting in my section at a Sox game of all places. I think he’s stalking me.


  3. James says:

    I finally decided to check out the video after looking at it for a few days, and now I remember it.

    Damn, if it doesn’t bring to mind the 2 Live Crew bass line. Talk about a flashback.


  4. […] for several weeks and now is saying that the Big East should add TCU.  WTF is going through that crack-induced head of his with him adding Texas-based schools to Eastern/Midwestern conferences?!  Doesn’t he […]


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