Scottie Pippen Hue Hollins Hubert Davis Foul

With all of the issues with NBA officiating these days, J.A. Adande and just had to rip off a longtime scab with this 15th anniversary retrospective of the worst officiating call I have ever witnessed in any sport (notwithstanding the claims of Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville) and it happened to come against one of my teams: the phantom foul call by Hue Hollins on Scottie Pippen, who as you can see from the picture above was about 80 feet away on the other side of the court from Hubert Davis.   I will go to my grave believing that the 1994 Bulls without Michael Jordan would have at least made it to the NBA Finals if not for that inexcusable call.  The fact that this loss was to the archrival Knicks made it all the more infuriating.  Psychologists believe that our brains essentially lock in the traumatic moments in our lives where we can recall every single vivid detail around them many years later, which would explain why I start immediately ranting about how far away Pippen was from Davis on that play every time that this story gets brought up (such as today).  Just don’t get me started on the 2000 Illinois-Michigan game.

(Image from

  1. Jorge says:

    I have really enjoyed your analysis of the possibility of Texas joining the Big 10.
    I had a couple of questions that I would be interested in seeing if you might include in a future post.
    Do the diminishing returns of additional members (ie. 14 or 16 vs 12) get out-weighed by larger television market? I believe Barking Carnival pointed out the discussion of adding states to increase the number of senators tied tot he CIC to facilitate federal funding for research – any thoughts that this has merit? Wouldn’t Texas rather take A&M (plus ND or Mizzou) to avoid being the one to join at this point? Sure Penn State did it. I guess Texas was interest in the PAC 10 sans A&M but given the opportunity creating a “new” conference rather join the established may have greater appeal. Finally would the Big 10 finally change their name?
    Thanks again for your posts.


  2. mushroomgod says:

    Frank–Great stuff as always.

    One thing I haven’t seen you address—if Tx came to the Big 10, Tx’ fans would have to travel a long distance to the conf. championship game, which wouldn’t ever be in TX (at least if A&M didn’t also join). Right now, it would be in TX at least every other year….

    Also, if TX and A&M join, there are arguments about whether that game ever goes to TX….


  3. […] expansion, but it still makes me want to vomit at an emotional level.  I’d rather have Hue Hollins officiate my pickup basketball games or watch the final scene in LOST consist of Jack, Locke, Kate and Sawyer sitting in a diner with […]


  4. CK says:

    Hopefully Hollins will die in a fiery car crash

    Total scumbag


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