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Baylor joining the Pac-10 after putting down BYU for many years based on religious grounds?  Colorado getting locked out of the Pac-10 completely and having to join the Mountain West?  High noon ultimatums to Nebraska and Missouri?  This could all go down within the next week (or even by tomorrow evening).  Conventional wisdom up until the last few days was that the Big Ten Network would be leveraged to alter the college sports landscape.  However, IMG’s revenue projections for the Longhorn Sports Network must apparently be around a hundred billion gazillion Benjamins per month for Texas, which means that a local network that doesn’t exist yet will likely determine whether the first superconference comes to fruition or the clusterfuck of the Big XII remains intact.  I’m sure it’s going to work out REALLY well if all of those schools stay together somehow.  With over 1200 comments in less than 48 hours, here’s a new thread for people to continue the discussion and post the latest news items.

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