Frank the Tank’s Slant Objective

I love news, I love pop culture, I love politics and, above all else, I love sports! Fortunately, the constant changes in these subject areas lend themselves perfectly to be the focus of a blog. What makes me qualified to speak with any semblance of authority on these topics? Nothing really, other than I truly believe that the only way you can understand your own position on any issue in life is to understand the opposing position even more.

What you’ll see here on Frank the Tank’s Slant:

1) Sports – Focus on Chicago sports along with other major national stories regarding NFL Football, Major League Baseball, NBA Basketball, College Basketball, and College Football. I obsess over the Fighting Illini of my alma mater first and foremost, but I’m just as fanatical about the Bears, White Sox, and Bulls. Also, I pay close attention my law school alma mater of DePaul along with the Cubs (I don’t hate the Cubs as a Sox fan – I probably attend and watch more Cubs games than 99% of people who call themselves Cubs fans – it’s just that I can’t cheer for them). I’ll get into other niche sports subjects when it’s timely, but I’m pretty much a traditional male American sports fan in my tastes.

2) Pop Culture – Random comments on TV, movies, and music. There’s no rhyme or reason on the posts here other than if I really love something, I’ll talk about it, and if I really hate something, I’ll also talk about it. Music-wise, I listen to rock, hip-hop, classical, Rat Pack standards, and pretty much everything other than country (although I’m game for nationalist Toby Keith songs).  My TV watching habits befit a male in his 20s – lots of sports and even more channel-flipping (two of the few shows that I’m a diehard fan of are “24” and “Lost”).  I tend to lean toward movies rooted in realism as opposed to fantasy a la Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorcese (I enjoy documentaries, as well), but I do love the “Star Wars” films.

3) Politics – The focus here will be on the strategy and art of national and Chicago politics with a smaller dose of issue debate. I believe there’s a huge difference between discussing political issues and discussing politics. To me, debating political issues means discussing one’s own personal views on national defense, the economy, abortion, etc. I’ll get into a little bit of that here, but hopefully not so much so that you’ll think I’m a windbag. What’s more fascinating to me is political strategy itself – how one presents (or does not present) his or her own personal views to the public in order to advance policies and win elections. Therefore, my posts on politics will heavily concentrate on analyzing how well both sides of the aisle are conveying their messages and their strategies.  Just so you know, though, I consider myself a libertarian Republican.  I’m a solid fiscal and free market conservative, a semi-hawk on national defense, and a social liberal (my beef with the Republicans right now is how much they’ve driven their agenda toward the Christian Right).

4) World – There’s nothing much more surreal than real life, so I’ll have a plethora of comments on all types of news topics.  I’m an old-fashioned reader of newspapers – I check out the Chicago Tribune and the Wall Street Journal on the train everyday and, despite my Republican leanings, keep the New York Times and Washington Post websites up on my laptop all day.

I’m a firm believer that everything that you read or hear, no matter what the source, needs to be taken with a grain of salt. With this in mind, I hope this introduction has helped you understand my personal biases and where I’m coming from. Enjoy The Slant!

  1. Eric Dondero says:

    Frank, interested in a link exchange? I cover sports from a libertarian perspective over at We covered Tank Johnson’s arrest.

    Also, take the Political Quiz to learn if you are indeed a libertarian at


  2. Alice Rooks says:

    Hi Frank:

    My name is Alice Rooks and I’m a representative with the Big Ten Network (BTN) here in Chicago. I just wanted to take this time out to introduce myself to you and become a resource for your site. I’m here for you regarding any information you might need concerning the Big Ten Network. (We can also provide you with a static BTN link, if you like.)

    Throughout the coming months, I would like to work with you and your blog site to provide you with information on BTN events, exclusive footage (e.g., 2007 Big Ten Spring Football Games), and answers to any burning questions that you or your contributors might have before the August launch.

    Also, if you want to host a Webchat with some of our Network executives, please let me know.

    Thanks in advance and feel free to contact me anytime.

    Alice S. Rooks

    Alice S. Rooks
    Big Ten Network
    312.665.0720 (O)
    312.665.0740 (F)


  3. Sportsattitude says:

    Frank, love the blog and have added you as a link on my sports-related blog as well. Keep up the posting. Great stuff.

    Bruce Burns

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  4. ThePublicI says:

    Frank: As a fellow Illini grad and Chicago native, I like what you have to offer here. I’m new to wordpress, so just getting up and running. Hope you don’t mind if I add your link to my page. Keep up the good work.


  5. Jimmy Shapiro says:

    I frequently send fun odds/props to a variety of writers and
    websites/blogs throughout the year that are football based…Normal
    odds like odds to win the Super Bowl, timely odds like what will Brett
    Favre do (stay retired, return with Packers, return with other team),
    and fun odds like will Pacman Jones be seen in a strip club in Dallas
    within (0-3 months, 6-9 months, etc).

    You may have seen some of our odds on AOL Fanhouse, ESPN Hashmarks,
    Shutdown Corner, or many other places.

    Anyway, I was hopeful to get your direct email to send you the
    odds/props when I have them.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Jimmy Shapiro
    Sports Publicist
    Fiver Media
    425-292-0425 (o)
    206-852-4605 (c)


  6. Hi Frank,

    How is the slant over here? Look, I’m looking to add an extra writer or two at Blog Down. I’m a big fan of your writing and wondered if you’d be interested…

    For a refresher course, see your blog roll or go to


  7. Max Tcheyan says:

    Would love to have your articles posting at With our blog import tool your articles would auto-import to your b/r profile and link back to your blog giving your work exposure to our established online community.

    I have no doubt that your Chicago/Illini sports content would get a ton of reads with us. Please email me so I can tell you more about our site and get you set up.



  8. Weldon Copeland says:

    I posted a poll on the Rivals University of Texas site and 70.61% of the 245 responding said they would like to see UT leave the Big-12. Only 29.39% wanted UT to stay in the Big-12.



  9. Ty says:


    I’m the co-host of the Solid Verbal Podcast, the largest, independently-run college football podcast on the web. Couldn’t find an e-mail address at which to reach you, but if you’d like to call into our show to talk Big Ten expansion and, in particular, your Texas-to-the-Big-Ten thoughts, feel free to drop us a line at and we’ll set something up.



  10. Tim says:

    Hey Tank,

    Just discovered your blog, and I only have one word in response… BRILLIANT. I’ve been following the proposed Big Ten expansion incessantly and have read seemingly every article, blog, and message board possible. You have absolutely nailed the entire issue with well-researched, intelligent, and thorough writing. As a former sports writer in college, my only regret is not writing it myself! I’ve been making these arguments with my friends for months, and you’ve covered every single argument I’ve made and more.

    I, too, am a Big Ten fan, but (and I hope not too much to your chagrin) am a Wolverine. Despite whatever the perceived arrogance is associated with my alma mater, I love the Illini and am a rabid Chicago sports fan. I’m a Chicago (city then suburban) native and agree with everything you’ve posted (except I LOVE the Cubbies – sorry).

    You’re legal training comes through in your writing… clear, concise, and impressive. After 6 years of working in Hollywood, I’m applying to law school and would truly appreciate your thoughts. I’m looking at law schools around the country, but sweet home Chicago is my ultimate destination.

    You sound like an extremely busy guy, but if you have the time to correspond, I’m at

    Regardless, keep up the amazing work!!




  11. GoldenEagleGirl says:


    I have a questioned I would like for you to address on your Big East Expansion Topic. I think that the University of Southern Mississippi would make a great addition to the Big East. I would like to know why they would not be contenders at this point or worthy for you to consider them at this time?


  12. TH says:

    What happened to Texas ? Please.

    The analysis here is incredibly poor.




  13. Th says:

    The metrics required for an analysis like B10 expansion are quite complicated. It is required to be familiar with population growth and trend analysis, demographic trends, econometrics, equity analysis, debt analysys, intricate forecasting techniques and on and on ……i told you that all of your data was static and any accurate prediction would have been better using dynamic statistical techniques and proper valuation and equity analysis.

    This is pure and unadulterated GARBAGE. What an affront to anyone who has studied Finance and Econ at the highest levels.

    You aren’t even close and you have a bunch of associated dinks…attorneys :)….. sucking this up like a vacuum cleaner.


    Delete this.

    Actually deleting you blog would do everyyone a favor.

    FOOL !!!!!!


  14. TH says:


    Not trolling my man. This guy had a whole host of B10 bloggers frothing at the mouth. When you see analysis that is poorly applied, he should get taken to task for it, instead of being canonized. He’s established a cult following that’s based on faulty analysis. Trolling accusations ? Attorneys should not be doing what’s best left to Investment Analyst/Bankers. You don’t see guys like us in the courtroom do you ?

    The analysis required for this type of prediction is highly technical, requires mathematical and statistical techniques and financial acumen that is beyond the scope this blog. Sorry. Truth.

    Have some time off from my job at CIBC World Markets Markets today and i am a huge College BB and Football fan. I found the discussion amusing.

    Feel free to delete my posts and follow this woefully inept analysis 🙂 Some of the ignorance is overwhelming here.


    Delete me Frankie. Block the Finance and Econ 747 Airbus since were using aircraft acronyms 🙂


    • c says:

      Re analysis (TH)

      Well stated. As just one example, where is the 15 year modeling of Climatological projections: east coast vs midwest around Nebraska and south around Texas.

      Clearly the investment, statistical and financial geniuses/PhD’s who created Mortgage backed securities and Asset backed securities and bullsh** backed securities are needed in every aspect of business planning.


    • Only ignorance here is not realizing that I majored in finance, performed financial analysis for a Big Four firm, and represented investment banks and firms like the one that you purportedly work for as an attorney in a multitude of massive financing transactions. You want to tell me exactly what’s wrong with my views and how they don’t jive with an I-banking analysis, that’s fine, but you haven’t done so. Otherwise, I’ll rely on my background and presume that I actually have a much greater understanding of financial analysis than you’d ever hope to achieve and I’ll destroy you in a legal dispute, as well.


    • Q says:

      I’ve already deleted you, YAMFA!


    • Rick says:

      Future cellmate of “The Fabulous Fab”.


  15. TH says:

    You majored in Finance ? Undergrad degree in Finance ? Wow. I assume you proceeded to Law School ? Don’t go there my man. Seriously, i am armed with all those designations. Test me. I saw no statistical analysis, no present discounted value analysis, no mention of discount rates, no econometric/forecasting techniques, no discussion on population trends, no consideration for demographic trends. I could go on and on…. I saw your analysis and i immediately said the lines would be drawn North vs. South. Who’s right ? Who’s wrong ? Yeah…’ll destroy in a legal dispute. That’s my point. I don’t harbor any false illusions…..parading around as a legal expert when my specialty is in Finance and Econ.
    Lets talk about anything with respect to International Finance or Econ. Anything. I’ll destroy you……we eat Attorneys for breakfast 🙂

    My partners and i don’t manage over 800 million dollars for clients ? Right…you see tank…we don’t have time to spend hours and hours immersing ourselves in futuristic idealism. Evidently, you do.

    You come up with a salient analysis and then i’ll pretend i’m interested. Until then, all your in depth coverage with regards to Texas is way off. Not even close. I am not going to dignify this with an educated rebuttal, as you wouldn’t understand 97% of the topics discussed

    Buh byeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂


  16. Joe with a UVa daughter says:

    Frank…things are very quiet this week and after all the excitement about conference expansion, I now fell like a heroin addict going cold turkey. Do you not have some methadone for for the conference expansion addicts?


  17. duffman says:


    Much has changed on this blog since the Big 10 announcement in 09. You might want to update your post above to reflect the nature of this blog.

    PS congrats on passing 1.6!


  18. Hey,

    Just wanted to say that I’m a big fan of the blog! I’ve started my own blog here on wordpress, and I’ve linked to your blog in my links section.


  19. Dirk Lay says:

    Frank time to weigh in on why Big 12 should expand to 14 16 18 teams?

    They’re in last place of the big five they have to go big!

    Money and watching TV is all about excitement.

    Add Boise BYU Colorado State in the West, Cincinnati Memphis and Houston in the east.

    4 pods everybody plays everybody home and away every four years- Nice!

    Football only memberships where they make sense.

    Don’t worry about ESPN and Fox- they may not even be around in seven or eight years when this stuff expires.


    • Dirk Lay says:

      East- WV, Cincinnati, Memphis, Houston.

      South- Texas, TT, TCU, Baylor

      West- CSU, Boise State, B.Y.U., Iowa State.

      North- Ok, Ok state, Kansas, K State.

      3 games every year in your pod.

      2 games every year against each of the other three pods. Every team outside your pod gets two home and two away every 4 years.

      9 total conference games.

      Football only for Geographic outliers?


  20. Dutch Lion says:

    Nice site! Are you still writing?


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